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The publishing world is undergoing its biggest ever revolution.

In the 1440s, Johannes Gutenberg assembled the earliest printing press, and kick-started the spread of ideas. In the 1800s, industrial printing presses made newspaper production possible, spreading literacy far and wide.

Now, in , the publishing world is witnessing its next BIG CHANGE.

It's a shift to electronic books, on the Kindle platform - and one that is coming, whether you like it or not.

It's also a huge opportunity that can earn you up to 70% in royalties, rapidly expand your market, give you greater control of your work, enable you to self-publish in minutes - and that's just the start.

Let me tell you more.

As a tech-savvy writer, you probably already know about "electronic books."

They've been around for some time now, and I'm willing to bet that you've probably even bought a few PDF books online.

The problem with existing "electronic books" (e-books) is that there has never been one true standard. Hundreds of thousands of self-publishers have created downloadable books, in many different formats. And there's no one place to shop, either - you often end up buying direct from the author.

However, in 2007, America's largest online retailer - Amazon - set out to change all of that.

Back then, they released the Kindle, an e-book reader that promised to change the way we read. The device itself was simple to use, but the platform wasn't easy for writers or publishers to create their own e-books.

Since then, times have changed.

The Kindle device has matured through three different versions. The introduction of "e-ink" means that each 'page' looks just like a real book. Consumers are raving about the device, with its free built-in 3G access, ability to customize book views, and affordable price tag.

The market has also seen thousands of commercial books now appearing on the Kindle.

Now, after selling an estimated 9 million devices, Amazon have launched a software version of the platform. YES - they're now registering millions of downloads of their Kindle Reader software - on the iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, and more.

Kindle books can now be read anywhere, anytime. The Kindle platform has matured. It's the future of electronic publishing. It's here to stay.

And YOU need to get in on the action.

The Kindle platform has changed the publishing world.

Even if you haven't embraced it fully yet yourself, the change is inevitable - and it's a landscape shift that can massively benefit you, as a writer - especially if you act early to embrace the movement.

You see, the Kindle platform effectively transfers the power straight from the big publishing houses, straight to you - the writer.

Here's how:

Right now is the "golden bubble" period for getting in on the Kindle's success.

The platform has fully matured, and Amazon are putting massive efforts into promoting their e-book range. Traditional publishing houses however are still pricing their e-books near physical copy prices, meaning that independent writers - like you - are making a FORTUNE selling their own books, at discounted rates.

Let me give you an example...

Amanda Hocking is a life-long Minnesotan resident.

She started less than a year ago, and now has a handful of paranormal and romance titles on Kindle. Most of her books sell for a reasonable $8.99. That means she gets around $6.30 for every copy sold.

Statistics show that her monthly sales currently exceed 100,000 already. That means she's earning over $600,000 from Amazon - every single month.

Or take Aaron Patterson. He lives in Idaho, and published two thrillers on the Kindle platform. He's now easily selling 4000 copies a month, bringing in an estimated $28,000 per month.

And these individuals aren't alone.

HP Mallory, Michael Sullivan, L.J. Sellers, Victorine Lieske, J.A.Konrath, Lee Goldberg, David Dalglish, Terri Reid, Tina Folsom, Ellen Fisher, Bella Andrea - these are just a few of those (often amateur) authors now selling 5000+ copies per month.

Thousands of authors are now earning big money like this, by cashing in on the Kindle. Even small single titles are now easily getting hundreds of monthly sales.

Even a relatively small book, selling for $2.99, and selling just 500 a month - which is very realistic - would bring in an extra $1000 a month, or $12,000 per year.

Karen McQuestion is a similar success story.

She spent years trying to find a publisher for her book, 'A Scattered Life.' Then she decided to self-publish on the Kindle platform. It soon became a Kindle best-seller - which then resulted in a (very profitable) traditional publishing house deal - and a movie contract.

Are you starting to see how the Kindle is changing everything?

So, why aren't you publishing on the Kindle platform already?

Probably because it's actually quite complicated to get started - and there are a lot of initial barriers that you need to overcome.

For example, there are the early questions...

Then there are the more specific questions, related to the best kind of books to write...

Other new authors might even have questions about the writing process itself:

The good news is that the answers to all of these questions aren't far away.

Today, one of the UK's most prolific authors - Nick Daws - has announced the launch of a brand new course, specifically aimed at writers looking to benefit from the Kindle publishing revolution.

It's the first course of its kind - and it unveils everything you need to know.

It's name? Kindle Kash: How to Publish & Profit from the Kindle Platform.

Nick Daws lives in Stafford, UK. He has written over 70 fiction and non-fiction books during his writing career - including 15 best-sellers in the past three years alone. He enjoys both reading and publishing on the Kindle!

Kindle Kash is the brand new course from best-selling author, Nick Daws.

Over ten parts, Nick will guide you through everything you need to know in order to write your own book, get it published on the Kindle platform - and start raking in royalty dollars.

Nick will share the precise steps you need to follow in order to become a Kindle best-selling author - all in his trademark, easy-to-understand manner.

He'll show you how to take maximum advantage of this publishing revolution - and how you can use it to boost your profile, get yourself published, and earn yourself a hefty income to boot!

Inside the Kindle Kash course, Nick starts by helping you actually write your book in the first place. He'll give you on the hottest topics to cover, teach you how to structure your book for best results, and how to write the entire thing in just days - using his famous "freewriting" technique.

He'll also show you how to edit the whole manuscript in just minutes - without an editor!

Then Nick moves on to the actual heart of the book, showing you precisely how to join Amazon as a publisher, and the precise steps you need to take to format your book specifically for the Kindle platform.

He'll hold your hand through the entire process - right through to actually publishing and launching the book on the Amazon store. And it takes just days!

But Nick doesn't stop there.

He then shifts on to explain how to promote your book in order to sell the most possible - plus all of the sneaky little tips and tricks that will boost sales of your book even further.

This is the ultimate book on cashing in on the Kindle.

And for the first time ever, it's available to you.

> Or click here to learn more & explore the course...



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